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Welcome to the Space


It's calm.

The Sky is blue.

The Ocean is clear.

We are out of Quarantine.

We are healthy.

We are ready to work.


We need a base.

We are cleaning the space.

We are discovering old treasures of the ancient ocean:

Ocean Mice.

Boob Shells.

Cow Shells.

Knife Shells.

A Seaweed Wand.

And a Bobelure.

All authentic Norwenglish words.



We are exploring the principals of push, jump, water, throw and reverse.

We are working in our bare feet and need to set a time limit.

One hour.

Time actually spent:

Seventeen minutes.

It’s cold.

Our feet are full of sand, salt and seashells.

They are boiling hot on the inside and freezing cold on the outside.

Socks on.

Questions that appears:

How to choreograph in reverse?

How do we build a movement score in order to make it work both ways?

How to make a jump or a push work in reverse?

Where do we have to end in order to have the beginning?

How do we run in reverse?

How to dig and fill in the sand in reverse?


The snake in the basket; Falling in reverse.

Sand sticks to your body.

The waves hit the shore.


We finished the day with a bath.

A freezing cold bath.

As the true Vikings we are.

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