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The Suit Makes The Women


Today we had our first day in costumes. What a day!

We are also happy to share that today is the warmest day in the space so far with 6 °C – Hurra!

The beach has been empty every time we’ve been there so today we figured the space is basically ours. Hope we’ll not jinx it…

The costume’s definitely making the movements different.

We’re happy we still have some days to wear them in and get used to their limits before we start shooting on Saturday.

Play – pleasure – petails.

We are finding a lot of pleasure in watching our rehearsal videos and are happy no one is watching us…

Poop in the sand is shit.

Plastic in the sand is shittier.

Our home is our working space and we are constantly working, talking, processing, talking and working.

It’s getting closer to the end and we can feel it in our bodies.

We may not be good fighters, but we’re definitely good players.

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