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Storyboard (second draft)

Oppdatert: 16. mai 2020

Questions on the first draft:

Do Izy and Azy know each other from before? If yes, what is their relationship?

Are there any other Mountain People?

Why does Azy leave? And why does she come back?

The changes are marked in this color.


Panorama of the landscape.

Not a soul is to be seen in the picture.

First image

Picture ends on Izy sleeping on a cliff with her legs curled up.

She awakes, yawns, stretches.

She finds her toothbrush and starts brushing her teeth.

She is interrupted mid-brushing by Azy appearing in the distance.

Izy panics and tries to hide behind the rock.

Mid-climbing Azy passes and says a friendly hi.

Izy, hanging from the rock with her toothbrush still in her mouth tries to play cool.

Azy continues down the road unable to see Izy raising her hand to say hi back.

Azy out.

Izy looks after Azy with a longing gaze and sighs.

Slowly Izy climbs down from the rock and starts brushing her teeth again.

Her gaze keeps turning in Azy’s direction.

Izy fights with her gaze and ends up giving in.

She looks after Azy as she puts her brush back in her pockets.

To her left she finds a flower. She picks it up, looks at it, looks to Azy’s direction and starts running.

Second image

Main Frame*

Izy appears in the background struggling as she fights her way through the rough terrain.

She stumbles and falls.

When she is close to Azy she pauses and takes a deep breath.

She considers going home, but decides to stay.

She rehearses different ways of giving Azy the flower.

Carefully, without being seen she places the flower on the rock to Azy’s left.

Azy looks up front, sneezes, looks to her left, sees the flower, sneezes again, takes the flower, sneezes and throws the flower away.

Izy is standing in the background in shock. Disappointed she goes out of the Main Frame.

Shortly after she appears with a balloon in her hand.

She blows it up, tries to make it stand as if it was full of helium, it slips, the balloon deflates and disappears somewhere in the terrain.

Izy is annoyed and goes out of Main Frame.

Shortly after she appears with pen and paper. She writes a “love note”, folds it to a paper plane and throws it.

The paper plane is caught by the wind and flies out of Main Frame.

Izy out.

Shortly after she appears again.

As she walks her foot gets stuck between two stones. She tries to get her foot out without crying for help.

Finally her foot is free and she limps out of Main Frame.

Shortly after she appears just on the verge of Main Frame with a cupcake in her hand.

The cupcake falls to the ground.

Izy out.

Shortly after she appears with two cups of cacao. They are too full for her to carry and she spills all over her hands.

She is furious and throws the cups away.

Izy out.

Shortly after she appears and as she approaches Azy her sweater is caught in a tree.

Izy tries to escape.

Third image

Close up on Izy and the tree.

Izy struggles with the escape.

As she escapes she has a few words to say to the tree.

She yells at it and slaps it.

A branch slaps her in return making her angrier.

She slaps it again and it slaps her in return.

Izy rolls up her sleeves and gets ready to fight.

They fight for a while until the tree “wins”.

Izy cries and tries to explain the tree why she is mad.

They have a confidential conversation where Izy tells it the whole story.

They end up as friends.

As she turns away from the tree she realizes Azy is gone.

Fourth image

Main Frame – except without Azy.

Izy runs to the place where Azy was.

Fifth image

Close up to the rock

Dramatically Izy throws herself at the rock/the bridge.

She cries as she waves her hands and legs as if out of control.

Izy ends up as a pretzel on the rock.

Suddenly she realizes Azy forgot her book.

Izy takes up the book with a gentle movement.

She looks at it as if it’s the most precious thing in the world.

Slowly she touches the cover of the book with a soft stroke.

Izy holds the book in both her hands and gently lift if up to her chest.

Sixth image

Main Frame – Azy is back.

Next to Izy Azy is to be seen with a curious look.

Izy realize that Azy is back.

She jumps off the rock, wipes her face and realizes she is holding Azy’s book in her hand.

With a shy gesture Izy tries to give Azy back her book.

Azy looks at the book, then back to Izy and smiles.

With a soft push she gives Izy back the book implying she can keep it.

Azy reveals she has another book and sits back down.

Izy looks at the book, then down to Azy.

Azy scooches over and starts reading her book.

Slowly Izy sits down.

She looks at Azy and then to the book.

With a smile she looks to the front, then down to the book again.

She opens the book and with a shy look she looks at Azy and smiles.

The End.

*Main Frame = Azy sitting with a book on a rock front right with clear view of the play space in the background

NB. Izy never looks directly into the camera although she is often commenting and looking in the direction of the camera.


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