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Preparation day


Oh, what have we done?

The dream is slowly becoming reality and we realize what kind of crazy journey we’ve racing into.

As mentioned in the last post due to the weather and the position of the sun we need to film during night, approximately between 10pm and 2am.

Our location is the beautiful, solitaire beach of Kvalvika which is located a one hour hike across the mountain. In addition we need to drive one and a half hour from Sunniva’s parents house which is a 40 minutes ferry ride from where we live. The logistics might have been underestimated.

We also need to plan on spending an hour getting to know the space and find the right spots, in addition to a couple of hour’s rehearsal before we can start with the actual shooting.

The piece is 10 minutes and to get all the right angles we need to shoot a minimum of 6 times, maximum 10. With 10 mins break/talk/adjustments between each take we must count at least four hours with shooting.

Our estimated schedule looks as follows:

16:30 – Our journey begins in Svolvær

18:00 – Start the hike across the mountain

19:00 – Arrival at Kvalvika

19:30 – Rehearsal

22:00 – Start shooting

02:00 – Finish shooting

02:30 – Start the hike across the mountain

03:30 – Arrival at the car

05:00 – Our journey ends in Svolvær

Packing list:

Wool, wool, wool.

Food, water, snacks.

Wool, wool, wool.

Sleeping bag, plastic bag, camera bag.

Wool, wool, wool.

Towels, blankets, big scarfs.

Snacks in the car.

There’s no bad weather, only bad cleather.

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