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Goodbye Chronos/Kairos

Welcome Habitat !

Yesterday Sunniva got confronted with question we all fear in a creative process:

What is this really about?

Working in a mythological space opens up so many possibilities and spaces. It’s been highly liberating.

We’ve had total freedom in imagination, in movements, in relations, in intentions, in building of characters, in choosing costumes, in all our explorations and in our perception of time.

But what happens when someone says to you,

“Yeah, that’s nice and all, but what is it? What’s the story about? And what do you want to tell?”

How do we build a bridge from the mythical space we’ve created to the concrete story of the artist?

And so the questions parade began.

What do you want to tell? Who is she? Where is she from? Where does she go to? Who did she leave? Who did she go to? What does she need? How does she change? What do you need in order to show that? What’s her name and does it matter? What is the purpose of the score? What do the movements mean in relation to the theme? Is there a theme? Of course there’s a theme. What is the theme? Are there more themes? And which theme is the bigger theme? Who is pushing who? Is she scared? Would you be scared? If you were the only one stranded on an island and you see another person – what would you do? Would you run? Would you hide? Would you go to them? Would you run to them? Do you need them? How are they? How do they greet you? How long have they been there – and does it matter? Why do you meet this exact person on your journey? How does she help you? Are you carrying any luggage from your previous life? Is there a hierarchy of emotions? Is one emotion more valid than another one?

And the hardest one of all,

What kind of story do you want to tell?

It’s easy to get overwhelmed.


Excerpt from Sunniva’s notes from 05.04.20:

The bathroom. She fills the tub. Let the warm water touch her Bit by bit Under each fingernail Between all creases Into every single pore Each strand of hair gets heavier

The water and her are one Only her face is above it Big breath Close the eyes She dives Holds it. Holds it. Holds. Gasping above the surface She has arrived Cold, crisp ocean cooling her down She has arrived They meet with curious eyes Sensitive touch Playful slaps and laughing tears shapes itself into rage and lust And when they hurt each other it doesn’t hurt And when they tickle each other they laugh for weeks Because now it can be


Excerpt from Sunniva’s notes 22.05.20:

My project tells the story of a woman who leaves a violent relationship through a portal in her bathtub. She finds herself in a new space where she meets the gatekeeper to freedom, safety and emotional release.

It’s time to CHANGE.


We did a test shoot yesterday which opened our eyes and gave us a taste on how the final piece can be.

Like always we get confronted by the environment we’re working and living in, and today our challenge is the sun. On this time of year the sun never sets and we need to be precautious of the position of the sun when we film to avoid big shadows, but also to take advantage of the different shades of light it grates us. Since the sun never sets we figured it would be best to film when the sun is at its lowest which means we need to film during the night.

What a journey!

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