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Kvalvika next

Oppdatert: 22. mai 2020


Leander is in the house! Literally.

Just a couple of days until we go to the beautiful Kvalvika to film Sunniva’s project.

We get confronted with questions that have never even crossed our minds. It’s a whole new world we’re stepping into in our quest of making our Individual Research Projects into films. The conversations we have opens up new ways of creating story and images, and invites us into a different kind of art making.

Our biggest challenge is the weather and we need to be flexible and føre-var (precautious) in our planning. We know that the weather can change in a blink of an eye and the more prepared we are the more efficient we can be on set. Therefore we spend hours talking through the tiniest details of how we picture the images to be.


In order to live on the beach you have to become one with the ocean.


The costume’s still tight but it’s getting there!

We are sore and tired after several days running around on the beach. Did you know the military is training in sand to get fit for fight?

Us neither, but is good to know when we’re exhausted after 30 mins.

We also blame the freshest air quality you could wish for – it’s blowing in one ear and out the other one. Stuff like that could knock out the most hardcore people! (Just to justify our lack of endurance)

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