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have you ever met someone that is just. and they make you feel so.. because they are just so.. you know.. but then..

the moment is just not.. and the butterflies make you very..

and so you wait.

and maybe you try..

but then it is not..

so you wait..

and every day you see them and they are just so..

and all you want is just.. you know.. to say..



An introduction


Wow, what an unexpected and different platform to greet ones audience.

Usually I would have preferred to greet you with open arms and big hugs, but due to the world situation a virtual, sanitized elbow bump have to do for now. Still I would like to give a warm welcome and thank you for visiting my web page.


It is with great pleasure and awe I have stepped into the virtual unknown and ended up on this digital platform presenting the work I’ve been working on for the last year. I am deeply moved by the help and support I have got on the way and I would like to take a moment to thank all the people who have followed me on this journey.


Thank you, Sunniva, for bringing me to Lofoten; for being an amazing roommate, scones maker and partner in crime (and life).


Thank you to the Birkeland Johansen’s for welcoming me so warmly into your home and family.


Thank you to my mentors Thomas Prattki and Cat Gerrard for guidance on this journey.


Thank you to Leander Håvik, Jimenez (Ron) Razon and Alf Vaksdal without whom MIANDRY would never been born.


And last but not least


A forever grateful thank you to my beloved Arthaus Family, The Saloon and the entire Arthaus Community.


What a journey!


Now, I proudly present to you my Individual Research Project:


Sigrun (Ru) Hasselgård Bøe is a Norwegian performer, theatre maker and choreographer currently based in the Lofoten Island in Norway.


This year she is completing her last year of Advanced Devising Practice at Arthaus Berlin which combines the completion of the two 1-year courses in Devised Theatre and Performance and Embodied Dramaturgy. In addition, she has a MFA in Fine Arts with a specialization in Performing Arts (2018) and a BA in Theatre Education (2016) from The University of Agder, Norway.

Since 2015 she has been working close with Ida Fugli and Flux Manøver as a performer and choreographer. Their latest project Fluid: Negotiating Limits was performed last in September 2019 at SKMU (the southern of Norway’s Museum of Arts). Their next project Hudhunger will take place October 2020. 

Bøe was the founder, director and dancer in the dance company Frekk Dansekompani (2015-2018) and she has worked on several projects with Glød Produksjoner and Kristine Nordberg (2016-2017). Since 2014 she has toured with the kindergarten performance Med bøtter og sånn… with Sunniva Solheim directed by Marit Wergeland-Yates, last performed at Kilden Performing Arts Center in 2018.

In addition she has been touring with the musicians Ingrid Eskeland Wesenberg and Øyvind Hovde in the concert Salmer i bevegelse (2018-).

In close collaboration with Sunniva Birkeland Johansen, Bøe appears in Johansen’s Individual Research Project HABITAT.
“HABITAT is a collaborative piece of work and the artist’s [Johansen] first dip into the universe of filmmaking. The project explores themes of domestic abuse, freedom, safety, and community.”

Watch it here.

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