Sigrun Hasselgård Bøe from Holmestrand, Norway is a performer, dancer and choreographer based in Berlin/Lofoten.

She has a BA in Theatre Education (2016) and a MFA in Performing Arts (2018) from the University of Agder, Norway. She was the founder, director and dancer in the dance company Frekk Dansekompani (2015-2018). Since 2016 she has been a substitute in Theatre Education as well as leading different workshops at the University of Agder. As an artist she has been working close with Ida Fugli, Assistant Professor at the University of Agder and the creator of Flux Manøver since 2015. Latest project was Fluid:Negotiating Limits, a performance about gender, relations and unity performed at SKMU (Southern of Norway’s Museum of Arts) September 2019.

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